January 12th marks the birth anniversary of the legendary, Swami Vivekananda, which is also celebrated as The National Youth Day in India since 1984 to inspire the youth of our country to believe and follow his vision and teachings.

The youth are our future and it should be the priority for all of us to guide them towards the correct path of their lives.
Keeping that in mind, Techno India Group Public School-Garia in collaboration with yet another youth icon,of our country, actor/activist/teacher of method acting, Bobby Chakraborty , organised his ever popular, global, free of cost awareness program for the youth, against all kinds of addiction(smoking, alcohol,smart phones, hookah) and harmful social trends(foul language,obscenity online,online gambling,ragging,bullying),titled ‘I AM THE KING OF MY MIND’, on January 12th, 2023,with a lot of fanfare. This was Bobby’s 415th session globally.

We appreciate the initiative of Goutam Roychowdhury-The Founder Chairman of Techno India Group and Manoshi Roychowdhury, The Co-Chairperson of Techno India Group, along with the esteemed Principal Tania Sen to join hands with Bobby towards this selfless, noble job of his, for the betterment of the youth.
The extremely sparkling, interactive and thought provoking session was perfectly coordinated by Nivedita Ma’am with Kamalika Ma’am and was eagerly attended by students of the middle and high school.
The official photographer of the session was soldier Ahana Banerjee and was assisted by soldier Anirudh Das, who was also designated as the ‘1st Soldier’.
The participation and enthusiasm of the students was remarkable as they could relate to every point of contention that their ‘BobbyDada’ was putting infront of them, keeping the HCF formula(Health- Career-Family) and the mantra ‘I am the King of my Mind’ into consideration, all their lives.

The surprise contest at the end had Samiksha, Spandan and Arryan as the winners, who along with Ahana,were given special prizes, HCF tshirts and Community Service Certificates by Bobby.

The impactful session ended with a powerful vote of thanks by The Principal Tania Ma’am, after which the soldiers gathered all around their beloved ‘BobbyDada’,to touch his feet, to get a selfie,an autograph and a hug from him.

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