Actor/Activist/Teacher of Method Acting Bobby Chakraborty has been rigorously fighting against addiction and harmful social trends among the youth globally, through his award winning, free of cost social awareness program titled ‘I AM THE KING OF MY MIND’, for more than a decade.

On October 18th , just on the verge of the Durga Puja Vacation, he completed his 413th session at P. B. Academic School, Tollygunge, with a lot of fanfare from students of the 6th to 12th grade. This was his 2nd session in this school.

As the school was observing ‘Anti Bullying Week,the Principal Madhuparna Andrews and the coordinator Camelia Saha Das had specially requested Bobby to shed more light on the extremely harmful social trends of bullying and ragging, those are taking a serious toll on young lives,fatally.

The dedicated and hardworking official photographer of the session was Souryadeep Bhattacharya, assisted by Amit Kumar Mondal.

Bobby took stage to start with the most easily available forms of addiction and trends of smoking and alcoholism, those are rampant in almost every household nowadays. Children take a leaf out of the adults to normalize the use of these poison in their lives as they grow up. He taught the students or his ‘soldiers’ , the importance of keeping the body, which is the best gift from God, fit and healthy, as a priority because health, career and family are interconnected with each other. Here in came the necessity of applying the formula of HCF in life as a priority. Here in came the importance of becoming the ‘king’ of one’s mind.

He conducted an interesting social experiment with soldiers Nitin and Sayan, to raise awareness against bullying and ragging, which became the most interesting part of the session.

Awareness was created against abusive language and obscenity online , to gain viewership and followers among other harmful trends those are destroying the physical and mental well being of a child.

The ceremonial titles of ‘The 1st Soldier’ went to Ruprekha and ‘The Trendsetter’ went to Amit.

The surprise contest at the end had Adyasa, Aditya and Soumili as the winners, who along with Souryadeep, were given special prizes, HCF tshirts and Community Service Certificates by their beloved ‘Bobby Dada’.

The session ended with every soldier and teacher present, shouting out the mantra of their life as ‘I am the king of my mind’ and soldier Subhojit giving a warm vote of thanks to Bobby.

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