Our mental health is crucial for our overall well-being, affecting our emotions, thoughts, and social life along with our physical health too. Unfortunately, it often gets ignored.

To raise awareness and challenge the stigma surrounding mental health, M. C. Kejriwal Vidyapeeth organised a Wellness Fair on 4th November 2023 at the school campus. The school’s Chairman,
Mr.Kishan Kumar Kejriwal, on whose initiative the Wellness Fair was held, was present to encourage and motivate the parents and students.

Eminent Actor/Activist/Teacher of Method Acting,Mr.Bobby Chakraborty who was present as one of the special guest and esteemed panelist of a pertinent discussion in the event, ‘The Importance of
Mental Health’, gave us a first hand account of the proceedings.
Here’s what Bobby said:-
“This spectacular event was unique in every way, Various colourful stalls were opened all around the school premises catering to keeping well through music therapy, dance therapy, meditation, proper parenting skills, building up confidence in a child, medical tests, checkups, building a sense of teamwork and integrity in a child etc.
Distinguished healthcare professionals and wellness experts hosted various interactive stations,providing a wide range of services to educate parents and students. Moreover medical professionals,
paediatricians, and nutritionists were on hand to offer guidance on numerous methods to improve physical and mental health.
One of the highlights of the event was the panel discussion promoting The Importance of Mental Health.
The official photographer of this discussion was Kanishk Kumar Dokania, an enterprising, well mannered student from the 8th grade,assisted by Satvik.
The discussion was moderated by the well-known psychologist and founder and managing director of HLS India,Mr.Amitabh Mohan, and featured the participation of Dr.Sarmistha Chakrabarti, an eminent psychiatrist and executive committee member of The Indian Psychiatric Society, West Bengal; myself
and Dr.Anamika Sinha, reputed psychologist and Director, Manovikash Kendra.
The highly interactive,educative and entertaining discussion explored the close relationship between mental and physical health which was much appreciated and energetically participated by the
parents and students of the 6th-8th grade, who attended it.
In particular I loved and regarded the kind words of Mr. Ojha a parent, towards me, during the Q/A session.
I must thank the warmth, love and support, that was showered on me from The Chairman,Mr.Kishan Kumar Kejriwal; The Director, Mr. Neelkantha Gupta; The Headmaster,Mr.Biswajit Majumdar; The
Principal, Mallika Mukherjee ma’am ; along with each and every respected teacher and parent. I am deeply touched.
I loved interacting with the extremely well mannered and sweet students to whom I promised to be back soon with my free of cost, global awareness program against addiction and harmful trends, ‘I AM THE KING OF MY MIND’.”

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