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On January 20th, the Indus Valley World School auditorium was witness to something extremely unique and magnificent in the form of the annual concert of B.D.Memorial Jr. School,aptly titled as ‘Dhwani’, which was a one of its kind musical journey.

Ideated, conceptualized and spearheaded by the enterprising Director/Principal Suman Sood, a prominent face in the education world of India, with years of experience, the enthralling musical soiree was also assisted by the 5 centre heads, Bipasha Das Roy, Arpita Ganguly, Sheela Mehra, Ranjana Rarhi and Sudeshna Hore, along with all the respected teachers, who worked day and night for months,to train hundreds of students,from the age group of toddlers to grade-V, into a spellbinding experience for everyone present as the audience.

Among all the eminent guests like Sudeshna Roy, Jaya Seal Ghosh, Anasua Choudhury, Tania Sen,Sujoy Biswas,Kamalpreet Kaur, Sucharita Roychowdhury,Debjani Banerji, Amita Prasad, Apala Dutta, Avijit Dasgupta, Sapna Sukul and many others,we also had actor/activist/teacher of method acting Bobby Chakraborty, who gave us a first hand account of the event.

Here’s what he said:-
“I share a long and strong relationship with BDM International School and B.D.Memorial Junior School through My Anti Addiction Campaigns and otherwise. Suman Sood Ma’am has been a strong supporter of my awareness program for the children and also is an ardent well wisher. I have always been deeply touched by her warmth, affection and cordiality, along with each and every respected teacher and non-teaching staffs of B.D.Memorial Jr. School, so this annual concert was nothing different.
‘Dhwani-A Musical Journey’ had this unique concept of searching and finding music among every aspect of nature, living or non-living. The mindboggling presentation,took us on a rhythmic trip through the formation of music from the prehistoric era to its various forms of evolution till now. It was an amazing experience to see toddlers as well as 5th graders dance and perform with perfection, never missing a single beat or que. The costume extravaganza with the magical light and shadow effects made every moment look ethereal and colourful, laced with the divine innocence of the performers onstage.
I was extremely happy to meet my dear soldier Shreyaan, who I thought did a great job onstage, with his lipsync acting, dancing and stage management with the toddlers.
The mesmerizing show ended with an innocent demand from the children for communal harmony, through the iconic song ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’ and the beautiful school song, penned by none other than Suman Ma’am herself. “

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