Annual concerts are a regular feature of every school. Every school tries their best to make it as colourful and spectacular as possible. But what is so special about the annual concert of Oxford High School, Howrah that makes it a cut above the rest?
Let us try and find that out from eminent Actor/Activist/Teacher of Method Acting, Bobby Chakraborty who was specially invited, as the ‘President’ of Oxford Utsav 2023,by S. C. Dubey, the hon’ble Rector and Chairman of Oxford High School,on November 5th, at Sarat Sadan auditorium,
Howrah Maidan.

Here’s what Bobby had to say:-
“I have shared a long and strong relationship with…Oxford High School; Dubey Sir,who’s a perfect gentleman;the dynamic Activity Coordinator- Sujata Singh ma’am ; along with every teacher and student, through my Anti Addiction Campaign and otherwise. Hence the magnificent Oxford Utsav is an event I can’t afford to miss in my annual calendar. But beyond the bias towards OHS and Dubey Sir, if one attends this cultural program once, the person will be desperate to return back the next season as an audience, that’s for sure!
The main reason being the extremely dedicated, honest, hardworking and creative team of Dubey Sir.

The teachers, the non teaching staffs, the students, with the active support from their parents, work hard for months before the event, to make it unique and special. Oxford Utsav is not only about scintillating song and dance numbers…it not only about the well engineered show of lights on stage…it’s not only about the superb costume design of every performer…it’s much more than that.

Dubey Sir and his brainchild ‘Oxford Utsav’ carries 100% Indian values, culture and custom. It carries an effort to go beyond the cultural extravaganza to award each and every student who has faired
supreme in various academic and co-curricular activities annually. It’s an honest effort to recognize and award…their parents, super successful ex-students who are making their school proud and also
every deserving teacher who has shaped the life and personality of these students.
Hence Oxford Utsav 2023 wasn’t any different, only a notch above it’s previous versions. Personally I was honoured to attend the event as the ‘President’. I was touched by the warmth and affection
from…Dubey Sir, Rector-Dubey Ma’am, Sujata Ma’am along with every teacher and student of OHS as usual. The official photographer of the event for me was a very hardworking and dedicated soldier of
mine named Anurag Pandey from class IX-B.
The song and dance items covering the rich cultures of different states of India; the extremely entertaining item to raise awareness against Dengue and Malaria; the hilariously performed drama
–Sukumar Ray’s ‘Obak Jolpaan’, the magical Yoga performance were all splendid to watch. But the finale,which had the Karate performance of the children under their instructor Sudip Sir,gathered the loudest cheers. Among all the awardees, multi talented Supriya Kumari won the coveted award of ‘The Student of The Year’.
It was a heartwarming moment when Oxford Utsav 2023 ended, with our National Anthem being sung by every member present in the packed auditorium. “

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