Blood Donation Camp and Business Fair at Rasbihari

✍️By Special Correspondent

A blood donation camp and business fair was organized by Rasbihari Avenue Traders Association. This business fair and blood donation camp was held 10 am onwards on 18th June. MP of South Kolkata, Mala Roy, MLA of Rasbihari, Debashish Kumar and and many others were present on the occasion. The Rasbihari Avenue Traders Association held a huge celebration of humanity by oraganising the blood donation camp and the business fair. Countless people came forward for the noble cause. More than 100 people donated blood in the camp.

Somnath Bhattacharya, Secretary, Rasbihari Avenue Traders Association, said, “Blood donation is a great social duty. Through this work, we can stand by the helpless people who are constantly crying for blood for various ailments.” It seems that each of us should stand by the side of those people.

We have been involved in such activities before, but this time the effort is a bit special, because World Blood Donation Day has passed a few days ago and the survey shows that the blood crisis in India cannot be overcome under any circumstances. Although blood donors are consciously and spontaneously involved, providing the necessary blood supply to all dying patients would be an easy task. And from that thought of hope, we hope that every year we will try to organize this noble event in this way.

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