Babu Culture’s food festival spotlights the monsoon’s pride – Ilish

1st August 2022, Kolkata: Babu Culture’s The Great Hilsa Festival “Ilish Mahotsav is a celebration of the ‘Queen of Fish’. From new recipes to tried-and-tested ones, the menu honors this silver queen that Bengalis eagerly wait for every monsoon. The Great Hilsa Festival started today and will continue till 24th August 2022. The monsoon is here and that can mean only one thing — it’s time to let the Hilsa swim all the way to our plates. The festival was attended by Indian Bengali singer-songwriter, music director, songwriter, and the lead singer of Bengali band Bhoomi Surojit Chatterjee for the sumptuous gastronomic lunch. And the days the fish comes home, there is an unmistakable celebratory mood, not to forget the triumph of having bought the ‘best ilish in the market’. The price starts from 450+ taxes to 1299+ taxes.

The food festival features classics like Dhakai Sorshey Ilish, Ilisher Ullash, Ilish Bhapa, Morich bata Ilish, Ilish Beguner Jhol, Padma kuri bata Ilish, Ilisher Kolmi Shak, Ilish Mach Bhaja, Smoked Hilsa (Pataye pora Ilish), Ilish Macher dimer roast, Ilish Polao, and the most signature dish introduced by Babu Culture is Ilish Mahotsav Thali. The thali serves up Rice, Jhurjhey Aloo Bhaja, Ilish Mach Bhaja, Cholar dal, Aloor Dam, Luchi(2pcs), Basmati Rice, Ilish Bhapa, Chutney (Tomato Khejurer), Papad, Daber Payesh, Misti and Paan.

Speaking on the occasion Mrs. Mridula Mazumder, owner, Babu Culture said, “There are some classic dishes that we usually have on our menu. There are some experimental ilish-based dishes that we were initially apprehensive about but realized that people have started ordering them and relishing them. The taste of ilish during this season is something else. The weather has so much influence on the way we, Bengalis, eat. Ilish is a part of our name and we are committed to serve the best quality ilish throughout the year. There are some dishes that people just can’t have enough of, so we have retained them, like Shorshe Ilish and Hilsa Fish Finger. However, what are new are Ilish Dimer Roast, Morich bata Ilish, Smoked Hilsa, and many more. We wanted to keep things traditional and have dishes that have been appreciated by the customers.”

About Babu Culture: The dream destination for the lovers who celebrate the Bengali Culture and Tradition is started by Mrs. Mridula Mazumder a mother-daughter duo, their first time in the city. Babu Culture was launched in 2022 with an 850 sq feet sitting area for 45 visitors. 

This seasonal delight is every Bengali’s most coveted fish and for good reason. Dotted with bones, this fatty fish has a silken texture that melts in the mouth. The mouthfeel is rich and full-bodied making sure that no matter what the dish is, the flavor of the fish shines through with a gastronomic journey at Babu Culture, Where Kolkata meets Calcutta from 25th July 2022 to 24th August 2022.

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