Awareness is the cure : Aditya Academy Group of Schools hold medical webinars for students, parents and teachers

Anando Sangbad Live : Aditya Academy Group of Schools is leaving no stones unturned to make sure the students, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff of its schools stay safe during this COVID19 pandemic by providing proper hygiene and medical guidelines from renowned doctors. Aditya Academy Group of Schools hosted a series of webinars for different classes in the presence of Dr. Pranita Medhi, Chief & Senior most Microbiologist, GNRC; Dr. Farjana Begum, Pulmonary Medicine MD, DNB, Sleep and Allergy specialist and Dr. Ritupam Das, DMDSC, Diabetologist. The doctors explained to make the participants aware of basic hygiene practices and to assure them there is absolutely no need to panic if the instructions are followed properly. Chairman of Aditya Academy Group of Schools Anirban Aditya, present in the webinar conducted by Sports Historian Boria Majumdar, said: ” The spread of novel coronavirus has brought our lives to a standstill. We are practicing social isolation and self-distancing to curb its spread. The ensuing lockdown can be pretty stressful for people. While it is becoming difficult for adults to remain quarantined for weeks, the bigger challenge is to make your kids understand. We believe that counselling and spreading awareness can play a pivotal role by sharing needful information and science-based facts about COVID-19. For this reason, Aditya Academy Group of Schools started this webinar sessions with doctors!Wearing mask, covering face with hand while sneezing or coughing and maintaining social distancing norms are the basic preventive steps to be taken. One should take bath after returning from outside, use sanitizers also. Dr. Farjana talked about what the students need to keep in mind while going out or once normal schools begin: “If we can take all the precautionary measures and follow the steps to prevent the disease properly nothing is going to harm us. The mortality rate of this disease is higher in the people above 50 years and the students, young people should not be frightened as taking right preventive steps can help them stay away from the virus.” “Wearing a mask without valve is preferable; the mask should fit the nose end so that nothing can get in between one’s nose and mouth,” she added while explaining how to wear and remove mask properly, how to wash hands and decrease the chance of spread by removing shoes, dresses while coming back to home. One of the important topic during the sessions were reuse and validity of the mask, to which Dr. Farjana explained: “While going outside regularly despite using new mask everyday one can follow the “four-mask” method and can reuse a mask. Use four new masks a week and after using it needs to be kept in an open dry space for three days with insides out. One mask can be used 5 times in an interval of three days.” The doctors discussed in details about the basic etiquettes during this time, how important it is to sanitize their hands after touching handle of a car or anything outside and avoid touching their face by hand. Also they mentioned while using toilet at school or a public toilet first close the lid and then flush to avoid release of aerosol particles, maintain cough etiquette. Dr. Ritupam Das, DMDSC, Diabetologist talked mainly about the people who are more prone to the virus and how they can boost their immunity with the right kind of food, guidelines and care: “First of all there’s nothing to panic about the situation as maintaining proper etiquettes and precautionary measures can protect one. The people with diabetes, hypertension, and kidney disease are more prone to the transmission of the virus due to their weak immunity. These people should not stay at home once they show mild symptoms or if they are asymptomatic as they will need to stay under observation of a doctor.” “Foods rich in vitamin C, green tea, milk with turmeric will help them to build immunity and living an active life is also very important. The students need to avoid junk foods for the same reason,” he added about the foods to eat and avoid in order to keep the immunity high. The doctors also showed students how to wear masks properly as Dr. Medhi said: “This is a newly discovered virus that is spreading heavily if necessary precautions are not taken. We have seen numerous people get affected by it and that is why personal hygiene along with environmental hygiene and social distancing is very important. As the virus spreads through the respiratory tract, wearing mask to cover nose and mouth is must.

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