Attention Bookworms, Kitab Lovers is in Town!

  • A four-day book bonanza, from July28th-31st in Kolkata

July 28th, 2022, Kolkata – Kitab Lovers, a startup specializing in selling new and pre-owned books at affordable costs, has arranged for a four-day book fair in Kolkata from July 28th-31stat Singhi Palace, Gariahat, Ballygunge.

The four-day event will feature over 10 lakh new and pre-loved books ranging from over 20+genres.
The fair offers an innovative ‘Load the Box ‘conceptwherein customerswho visit the stall can make a one-time payment for a box and fill the box with as many books as it can hold as long it is able to close flat.
Talking about the launch of the event, Rahul Pandey, co-founder of Kitab Lovers, said, “This is our fourth time in Kolkata, and we are looking forward to great response from the readers & people have loved our ‘Load The Box’ concept in previous years. At Kitab Lovers, we are on a mission to encourage and improve the reading habits of Indians. We believe that everyone should have access to the best books at the most affordable prices, and this has been the main motivator for us. Kolkata is the city of book lovers and it hosts one of the largest International Book Fairs of the world and regular literary meets and we are extremely upbeat about our out of the box and contemporary initiative to be a hit with book lovers once again this year.”
He added, “We have carefully curated the range of books available at the book fair to ensure that there is something in it for every book lover out there. So from a toddler to a senior citizen, whether you prefer a romance novel or crime fiction or historical novel, or even self-help books, we have it all available at our fair. Through our ‘Load the Box’ campaign, we want to encourage more youth to spend time away from their gadgets and instead immerse themselves in the wealth of knowledge that a book can offer”.
There are three different box sizes:
The Money saver @ Rs 1100 (fits in 10-13books)
The Wealth box @ Rs 1650 (fits in 17-20 books)
The Treasure box @ Rs 2750 (fits in 30-33 books)

Venue: Singhi Palace, Dover Terrace
Gariahat, Kolkata-19

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