Assorted Motion Pictures’s Rickshawala to premier on BIIGGBANG

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Director Ram Kamal Mukherjee’s award winning film Rickshawala acquired by BIIGGBANG Amusement exclusive for worldwide premier 
With the thought to bring entertainment anytime, anywhere, Biiggbang Amusement announces its first collaboration with Assorted Motion Pictures with internationally acclaimed award-winning film, Rikshawala.The short-film entices its audience to think and throws light on an often overlooked vocation the Riksha-pullers. The film is laced with undertones of realism and portrays a simplistic sense of storytelling, similar yet distinct from Ram Kamal Mukherjee’s former projects. Set in the backdrop of the city of joy, Kolkata,Rikshawala features talented actors like Avinash Dwivedi, Sangita Sinha and Kasturi Chakraborty that add special elements of life to the story.
This fidelity and simplicity is being loved by audiences across the world, helping Rikshawala getting selected for the esteemed Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival, aimed to recognize the enlightening, entertaining and progressive new age cinema of youth and experienced filmmakers. The critically acclaimed short-film hasalso successfully brought back the award for the Best Human Rights Film at the Cardiff International Film Festival, while its talented director, Ram Kamal Mukherjee also won the awards for the Best Director at International Film and Television Entertainment Award, Australia and the Rajasthan International FilmFestival.
As the world is keeping up with the hustle and challenges of the new normal, Biiggbang Amusement is here to help its audience with a few moments of entertainment, cheer, and laughter with its unconventional content slate. Breaking the bandwagon, the platform aims to curate critically acclaimed short-form content including award-winning festival films and shows in one place. Known for masterpieces like Seasons Greeting, and Cakewalk, Assorted Motion Pictures and director Ram Kamal Mukherjee are proud partners to Biiggbang Amusement to grace its unparalleled content library. This, Ram Kamal Mukherjee directorial venture is the creator’s very first Bengali feature film. This 50-minute drama film projects a hard-hitting narrative around the lives of Riksha-pullers and beautifully captures relatable nuances through the film.
Sharing his thoughts on the premiere, Avinash Dwivedi shared, “Rikshawala is definitely a milestone for me and all the accolades including the award for the Best Actor at the 13th Ayodhya International Film Festival, and the awards at Cardiff and Melbourne have truly given me a boost as an actor. I was really excited about working on this project right after I heard the narration from Dada (Ram Kamal Mukherjee). Before meeting him I was a little nervous about his seniority but after meeting him, he made me feel very comfortable and we became friends at an instant. Every aspect from the film is relevant and touching. I could really connect to my character in the film. He is someone who would do anything for his family and really loves his profession to the core. The film will make you think, and will touch you in ways that you won’t forget. While I was comfortable with the Bhojpuri dialogues, Bengali isn’t a language that I’m very familiar with but I did want to give it a shot, so I ended up dubbing both; Bhojpuri and Bengali dialogues in the film.”
Excited about the premiere, Kasturi Chakraborty said, “Being a part of Ram Da’s film Rickshawala was both enriching and inspiring. It takes a hard look at the lives of the people who struggle in their own way to get what they want. In the case of my character, she goes through the sweet torture of heartbreak which issomething I have deeply felt personally. Ram Da had a vision for each of us and he encouraged us to take that journey into the lives of our characters to attain spotless authenticity. I think it is the unfiltered portrayal of the reality of the people in the film and his vision that made it worthy of all appreciation globally. It is great that the film will now be available on Biiggbang Amusement for all the cinema lovers globally.
Commenting on this collaboration, Ram Kamal Mukherjee, Director & Writer, Rikshawala, shared, “Rikshawala is a unique love story with a special twist. It is a project that is really close to my heart, and what makes it relevant is the humaneness and realism of the characters. I am also overwhelmed with such a positive global response and all of these awards and accolades are truly encouraging and I strive to tell many more of stories embedded with realism and relatability.It was an amazing experience to work with talented actors like Avinash Dwivedi , Sangita Sinha and Kasturi Chakraborty who gave their sweat and blood to make their characters alive. I spotted Avinash at a birthday party in Juhu while Kasturi is a known television face, and I instantly knew that they’re perfect for the roles I had in mind. I am also really excited about my very first collaboration with Biiggbang Amusement and take pride to be a part of their content library of carefully curated content.”
Sharing his thoughts on the brand’s first collaboration, Sudip Mukherjee, CEO and Founder, Biiggbang Amusement quoted, “We at Biiggbang Amusement aim to help our audience by bringing them relatable and meaningful stories, anytime and anywhere. While the upper-crust of the audience consumes English content widely, we are looking at seeping through the crust to reach every viewer, countrywide with distinct languages and genres catering for every niche. We are proud to associate with a talented creator like Ram Kamal Mukherjee and Assorted Motion Pictures to inscribe the first short-film on our content slate. We plan to populate our content library profusely with many more masterpieces and award-winning shows and films like Rikshawala.”
The riveting short-film produced by Aritra Das, Sarbani Mukherjee and Gaurav Daga also made its way to the ImagineIndia festival held at Madrid and Spain, and also fetched laurels including the Best Actor and Best Director award at the 13 th Ayodhya International Film Festival. Biiggbang Amusement is set to launch soon and is gearing up with a competitive and unequalled content slate aimed at entertaining, inspiring, and amusing its audience across the globe.

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