Asian Institute of Event Management – New Venture in Kolkata

✍️By Special Correspondent

Event management is the process of planning an event. This is any type of event, whether hosted in-person, virtually or hybrid. It’s synonymous with event planning and meeting planning. When you choose to pursue a career in Event Management and Experiential Marketing then it gives you the opportunity to conceptualize, create, define, and implement enthralling and unforgettable events. Event Management is a booming industry in the services sector. The Indian organized events segment grew 10% in 2019 and is expected to continue growing in scale and importance over the next few years. AIEM which is run by event managers deliver training with a global perspective in tune with the evolving nature of the Media & Entertainment business with industry-relevant, job-oriented training and an experiential-transfer approach. They welcome you and are confident that you’re learning there will pave the way to a glorious future for each one of you.
AIEM believes that they are redirected by their sole responsibility to accomplish perfection in research and learning on the occasion of empowering the scholarly and differentiated improvements of a star staff and understudies. Through their unmistakable educational programs and postgraduate programs they challenge the understudies to develop their creative and cognitive skills with a study atmosphere of consideration and opportunity.
On the occasion Mr Vikash Bajaj (Co Founder Asian institute of Event Management) said “Our vision is that we strive for maximized excellence in the professional field. In fact to become an institute that becomes globally recognized when it comes to event management training to the students and give them a perfect platform to excel in the field of event management. We at AIEM believe in practical and vocational education. After all, what is learned should be implemented. Therefore, we have a very intensive approach towards training the students and bringing out the best in them”.
The institute emphasizes hugely on placements. Owing to an intricate and reliable network of the different sections in the industry, the Asian Institute of Event Management is one institute that has established strong professional relationships with significant companies in the market. This leads to healthy professional relationships and ties with leading companies offering job opportunities of a lifetime with complete exposure and relevant work experience. Courses in event management definitely include theory but there’s a lot of practical papers. So since the institute is in the field itself then they can offer their students more practical exposure which other students of different institutes are not being able to avail this benefit. So AIEM is trying to provide that practical exposure to their students. So training and placements at AIEM are surely the best output any Institute can provide to their valued students.

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