Arthshila Santiniketan, nestled in the heart of Santiniketan, proudly announces its 2nd anniversary celebrations

Arthshila Santiniketan, nestled in the heart of Santiniketan, proudly announces its 2nd anniversary celebrations. The centre was inaugurated on 22nd March 2022 and has established itself as a hub of cultural enrichment, fostering creativity and artistic endeavors. Arthshila Santiniketan has been hosting a wide array of events offering an unforgettable experience for patrons and enthusiasts alike.

The highlight of the anniversary celebration is an exceptional exhibition commemorating the centenary year of the renowned artist K.G. Subramanyan. Popularly known as ‘Mani Da’, K.G. Subramanyan has been an eminent artist, art teacher, designer, writer, and philosopher of art and his work is showcased in the centre till 30th March 2024. As part of the celebration, Arthshila Santiniketan is also delighted to present live performances of “Songs of Kabir,” a mesmerizing journey into the spiritual and musical world of the legendary mystic poet Kabir, taking place on Saturday 23rd March 2024. Melodies of Shabnam Virmani accompanied by Shreeparna Mitra would enthral the audience at ‘Aisa Des Deewana’.

Mr Sanjiv Kumar, Founder of Takshila Foundation said, “Arthshila is committed to nurturing the traditional and initiating the novel in the various forms and domains of art. Our first two years at Arthshila Santiniketan have been replete with curating and executing a wide range of programmes, receiving encouragement from the arts community as well as Santiniketan itself, and tremendous learning along the way. We are excited to commemorate our second anniversary with a dynamic lineup of cultural events that we hope compliments the ethos of Santiniketan as a hub of culture, art and music. Arthshila has attempted to keep the spirit going with its exhibitions, musical shows and myriad events. People from far and wide have been coming to experience our celebration, which has boosted our commitment towards building community engagement hubs. “

Throughout the anniversary celebrations, Arthshila Santiniketan remains committed to its mission of nurturing artistic expression and cultural dialogue. There were art connoisseurs, music lovers, and enthusiasts of all ages joining in the festive celebration. As it embarks on the next chapter, the centre reaffirms its dedication to fostering creativity, promoting cultural exchange, and serving as a catalyst for artistic innovation.

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