Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals Kolkata gives new lives to nonagenarians by Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgeries

  • Let trauma of treatment not be more than trauma of disease

Kolkata,September 20,2022 : Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals Kolkata gave new lives to three nonagenarians by Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgeries ( MICS ) . MICS is a new avenue for heart surgery , which comes with a host of benefits . With an incision of 1.5 to 3 inch instead of 8 to 10 inch in the conventional open heart surgery , MICS is less painful and almost scar – less . It also involves early recovery with lesser duration of hospital stay post – surgery and early return to normal life .

An 85 – year – old woman and an 87 – year – old man came to Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals Kolkata with severe chest pain . Individual angiograms revealed certain kind of critical blockages that could not be treated with angioplasty . Thus open heart surgery was the only option for both of them . But considering their age , surgery couldn’t be the first choice of treatment . At that age bypass heart surgery isn’t preferable because a big surgery is not dealt with in a very smooth manner and there could be many complications related to the surgery . Through MICS multi vessel grafting was done in both the patients and both were up and walking in two days ‘ time , which was unthinkable if it was done through normal route of cardiac surgery .

Present at the occasion , Dr Sushan Mukhopadhyay Director , Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgeon , Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals , Kolkata , said , ” With a record of over 4000 MICS , doctors at Apollo perform cardiac surgeries through minimal invasion . We had another 82 year – old man with cardio genic shock , severe aortic valve stenosis , in ventilator , and no urine output for 12 hours . We did trans – catheter aortic valve replacement ( TAVI ) through MICS . In 48 hours he recovered fully . On further check – up it was found that his heart function improved significantly and he is leading a normal life. “

Earlier traditional open surgery was the only solution for CABG ( Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting ) , Valve repair or replacement , closures of holes in heart etc. But now with the advancement of medical sciences the procedures done using MICS are Minimally invasive bypass surgery ( MICS CABG ) , Endoscopic vein and radial artery harvesting , MICS aortic valve , Minimally invasive mitral valve surgery , Keyhole ASD closure and Coronary Bypass .

This Keyhole Heart Surgery is performed using

specialized surgical instruments . Heart attacks are responsible for 14.5 % of all deaths in India and MICS CABG or keyhole bypass has emerged as an answer to patients suffering from coronary artery diseases . The doubts about being able to complete surgeries safely through this approach is circumvented . If MICS is adopted as a regular practice everywhere , people would consider MICS bypass over angioplasty and the figure of 14.5 % will surely come down . And routine multi – vessel bypass would reduce mortality risk significantly .

MICS has several advantages over the conventional open heart surgery :

  • Highly advanced instrumentation and advanced techniques allow for the operation to be performed very safely
  • No bones are cut
  • Blood loss is almost negligible eliminating blood transfusion leading to blood borne infections
  • All infections related to wounds or post – operative lung infections are reduced . This makes the surgery ideal for diabtics or patients who have poor resistance to infection.
  • The incision is very cosmetic and measures just 2-3 inches making it impossible to understand that a heart surgery has been done . This also reduces the possibilities of scars
  • The hospital stay and recovery time in this case is minimal and the patient usually recovers within 7 days of the surgery under normal circumstances
  • Significantly reduced risk factors in future surgeries

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