Pure talent can shine through any situation. We all know how a diamond or lotus blooms with elan in the dirtiest of ponds. Such is the talent of Phoring, a girl born in hardships but in whose veins runs the pure talent of gymnastics.

Star Jalsha presents yet another story of change and inspiration, Alta Phoring- a story of struggle, grit and dauntless courage. Phoring is a young underprivileged girl, who is unaware of her god gifted talent of gymnastics. The story explores Phoring’s natural talent blooming out of the backwaters of poverty and shining on her path towards winning the gold medal in the Olympics.

Phoring, the daughter of a daily labour Radharani, who belongs to the rural Bengal working in a brick factory, shows extraordinary gymnastic skills even during her daily mundane tasks. Her daily struggle for livelihood doesn’t allow her to dream and further we will see how God has planned many more calamities for her. Yet, we see her bubbling with zest for life and never forgets to smile, forgetting all her struggles. Her whole world revolves around her mother and the two find solace in each other amidst their daily struggles.

Her fate doles out devastating challenges as she gets separated from her mother in a natural calamity. But she does not give up, thanks to Abhra, a middle-class banker who saves Phoring and helps her in her search for her mother.

The audience will be overwhelmed to watch the dramatic changes in the life of Phoring and her journey of rising above her situations to become the pride of her country and an inspiration for all women.

In this show, the role of Phoring will be played by actress Kheyali Mondal, Abhradeep Chatterjee will be played by Arnab Banerjee and Radharani will be played by Saoli Chattopadhyay.

The show is being produced by Tent Cinema productions led by Susanta Das who has curated the ultimate edge in family dramas like Ke Apon Ke Por, which captivated the hearts of its viewers for more than 4.5 years. They have given Bengal inspiring characters like Gramer Rani Bina Pani, Titli and an iconic character like Joba.

Speaking on this occasion, the channel spokesperson said,”The show will present the journey of a fearless underprivileged girl who fights the black waters of poverty and turns her life around while fulfilling her dreams. We hope the series will leave a mark on the minds of many. The character of Phoring will inspire many, and we believe that audience will love her.

Watch Alta Phoring from 10th January Mon- Sun at 7:30 pm only on Star Jalsha and Star Jalsha HD.

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