After much loved response in Bangladesh, the NFDC-BFDC co-production – Mujib to release theatrically in India on 27th October

Kolkata, 26th October, 2023: A special screening of Mujib: The Making of a Nation, the biopic of the first Bangladesh president Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was arranged in Kolkata today. Actor Arifin Shuvoo who plays Mujib was also present along with many dignitaries from Kolkata.

The film is yet another directorial marvel of Shyam Benegal that not only delves into the life of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the towering political figure instrumental in the birth of Bangladesh, but also uncovers an aspect of the great leader that remains largely unknown to the world.

While the film primarily encapsulates the pivotal role of Sheikh Mujib, known as the father of nation in Bangladesh, in the struggle for Bangladesh’s independence; it seamlessly weaves together the narrative of his profound commitment to his family.

The film’s narrative brilliantly captures the moments of joy, love, and warmth within Sheikh Mujib’s family, juxtaposed against the backdrop of a nation’s turbulent journey towards independence.

“Mujib carved out the nation of Bangladesh from the Eastern part of Pakistan. He was not only an astute politician but, equally a
devoted family man. Both his domestic and political lives were one seamless whole. Most successful politicians are not able to manage this. Narrating his life on film was inspirational in many ways:” says

Another interesting facet that sets it apart from all other biopics is that this legendary politician is depicted on screen, as seen through the eyes of his wife Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib, who was lovingly referred to as Renu by Bangabandhu. It is Renu who acts as the narrator of the film.

The stellar cast includes Arifin Shuvoo, Nusrat Imrose Tisha, Nusraat Faria, Chanchal Chowdhury, Riaz Ahmed, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Tauquir Ahmed, and a special appearance by Siam Ahmed. Screenplay is written by Shama Zaidi and Atul Tiwari, Akashdeep Pandey handled cinematography, while Aseem Sinha expertly edited the film. With action sequences orchestrated by Sham Kaushal, art direction by Vishnu Nishad, production design by Nitish Roy, Costume designed by Pia Benegal and soul-stirring music by Shantanu Moitra, the film has a brilliant technical team involved.

Mujib is made under the first co-production treaty between the two countries, jointly produced by National Film Development Corporation India and Bangladesh Film Development Corporation, released theatrically on 13th October 2023 in Bangladesh with a roaring response breaking all box office records of the country. Mujib’s daughter Sheikh Hasina, the current Prime Minister of Bangladesh saw the film during its release in her country and was overwhelmed with the way it has been made.

NFDC has tied up with Panorama Studios International for theatrical release of the film in India and overseas today. ‘Mujib: The Making of a Nation’ is releasing in India on 27th October, 2023 in Hindi and Bengali language.

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