Aditya Academy Soars High with Laudable Scores and Path Breaking Plans

✍️By Special Corresspondent

The Covid-19 pandemic is amplifying the global learning crisis by confining students within the four walls of their houses. In response to this, education systems have been forced to rapidly adapt and implement innovations in remote learning. Aditya Academy has taken a step forward with newer and better plans to encourage students to continue with their studies, with introduction of effective payment plans and reduction in admission fees for new students.

Aditya Academy, one of the first schools to begin online classes as soon as the pandemic hit, has continued to add a greater number of feathers to their crown, through the exemplary academic performance of their students in Boards, year after year.

Students of Aditya Academy have overcome all the hurdles which crossed their way during pandemic and passed with flying colours in class 10 and 12 AISSE examination, affiliated with CBSE. The school has 100% percent pass in class 10.

Agnirup Chakraborty (class 10) of Aditya Academy School Barasat scored 99% and Parthiv Pratim Das and Moumon Basu (class 12) of Aditya Academy Senior Secondary School DumDum jointly scored 97.4%. Out of the 226 students appearing for class 10 examination from Aditya Academy Senior Secondary School Dum Dum, 11 students scored above 90%, 85 between 80-90%, & 74 between 70-80%. Out of 451 students appearing for class 10 examination from Aditya Academy Secondary School Barasat, 59 scored above 90%, 104 between 80-90%, & 102 between 70-80%.

Out of 403 students of class 12 from Aditya Academy Secondary School, Barasat ,69 scored above 90%, 151 between 80-90%, & 96 between 70-80%. Out of 259 students of class 12 from Aditya Academy Senior Secondary School, 53 scored above 90%, 84 between 80-90%, & 71 between 70-80%.
The reduction in admission fees for new students will relieve the financial burden on parents. It has been done, keeping in mind the necessity to impart quality education to enthusiastic learning minds, at low fees. Along with that, various scholarships will also be given to students as added help to parents.

“Aditya Academy will keep on nurturing and encouraging young minds by providing scholarship opportunities to the toppers and maintaining a good student-teacher ratio, so that proper and thorough care of each student is taken. They have introduced their own app for conducting online classes. Subjects like Coding and Abacus have been added to improve cognitive skills and boost higher accuracy and proficiency. To accelerate the acquisition of various foundation skills and to impart knowledge of diverse career options, activities like Film Making and Chess Competitions are held online. In order to widen the horizon of teacher-parent engagement, evening class options have been added for Nursery, Preparatory and KG to maximise their learning,” said Roshni Aditya.

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