Acropolis Presents The Second Edition of “Chatpata”, the Street Food Festival

· The Street Food Festival to be held from 20th November to 24th November

Anando Sangbad Live: Acropolis Mall, India’s one of the premium mall has played host to the second editions of Street Food Festival, Chatpata, The festival will continue till 24th November.

Food entrepreneurs like “Go Lebanese”, “Sengupta’s”, “The Galley”, “Open Oven”, “Drunken Monkey”, “Poush Parbon” and Sreenath Nag”have participated in the street food festival and displayed their mouth-watering dishes to pamper the palates of people who would assemble to satiate their cravings for street food.

A wide array of delectable dishes ranging from Italian items to Lebanese and continental and even our own Indian food items are there to lure the gastronomes in the city. Lebanese menus like Lebanon Bar B Q chicken , Hummus Nashib & Pita Bread from Go Lebanese would attract those with a penchant for Lebanese food whereas those with liking for Italian food , would relish Pasta in Red and white sauce, Risottom Burrito. Foodies with preference for traditional Indian mouthwatering spread would indulge in quintessential Fish Butter fry, Chicken Kabiraji, Vetki Butter Fry,Karaishooti Kachori with Kashmiri alurdam. Youngsters can also tingle their taste buds with chicken tikka kebab, Khatta Meetha Phuchka, Cheese corn chat and cheesy Egg Devil. Guests can also quench their thirst with Blue Berry milkshake, Hot chocolate and end their feast pampering their sweet tooth with different varieties of desserts including Monohara sandesh, , Jalbhora talsans, abar khabo,paradise sandes and the ever popular kanchagolla

Mr. K Vijayan, GM, Acropolis said, “ At Acropolis we have been innovating and organizing varieties of festivals. The street food festival christened “ Chatpata” has been a great success last year . Hence We have decided to host the second edition of the festival this time keeping in mind of the foodies of Kolkata who love to pamper their palate. We will adhere to all protocols of Covid 19 and ensure people to wear masks and take safety precaution.”

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