Abhirup’s dark fantasy ‘Brombhodoityo’ will premiere tomorrow on Hoichoi

Anando Sangbad Live: ‘Brombhodoityo’ is a dark fantasy feature film.The film is written and directed by Abhirup Ghosh. It is the story of a female journalist, Sayantika (Saayoni Ghosh), who is an introvert and is depressed. She has been bullied all her life by her parents, her friends, etc., and even at work, she is bullied by her clients. One day, Sayantika gets an assignment from her senior to write a story on the supernatural legends of Bengal. The aim of the story is to establish a youth connect with the now obsolete supernatural characters of Bengali folklore and mythology, like Brombhodoityo, Petni, Mecho bhoot, etc. Sayantika does a lot of research, but fails to find an interesting topic that can be relevant to today’s children and youth. As she is about to give up, she gets an advertisement mail from a weird and mysterious site called ‘’”. The site is apparently an online shopping portal for supernatural artefacts like the skull of an Aghori sadhu, a dead man’s coat, etc. She comes across a stock clearance sale in the site, which highlights that there is a high quality ghost, a vintage ‘Brombhdoityo’ for sale at a discounted price. Thinking that the entire site is an elaborate practical joke, Sayantika buys the ghost. Next morning, a strange trunk gets delivered to her house. Immediately, the Brombhodoityo makes its presence felt and different supernatural incidents start happening at the house. What follows is a nightmarish battle of wits between Sayantika and the extremely dangerous and powerful supernatural entity.
Brombhodoityo‘ is Abhirup Ghosh’s third feature film after ‘K: Secret Eye’ which was released in the year 2017 and ‘Rohoshyo Romancho Series’ (Due for release in summer 2019). The film features Saayoni Ghosh is in the lead role with Rudranil Ghosh in a very important cameo. The film’s supporting cast features Anindya Chattopadhyay, Soumalya Dutta, Souman Bose, Sourav Saha, Duttatreya Chatterjee, and Monika Dey among others.

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