Aamkahini,Celebrating Pride Month at Babu Culture with Flavors of Mango

Mango, the ‘king of fruits’ can be relished in all forms. To kick start the mango festival: Aamkahini at Babu Culture, Where Kolkata Meets Calcutta has welcomed fighterfrom the LGBTQ community, Choreographer Sudarshan Chakraborty, Fashion Designer Indroneel Mukherjee, Stylist Anupam Chatterjee and  Neelay Sengupta designer announced it today with pride.

The onset of summer brings with it sheer happiness with Mangoes galore. As the temperature soars, Babu Culture, Where Kolkata Meets Calcutta brings finest celebration of the season AamkahiniWith the finest handpicked mangoes, delightful delicacies like AamKashundidiyeChanarPaturi, KaanchaAamaarChingrirTikiya, Murghi – PakaAamaarKaancha Lanka Bhapaa, Aam o Enchor-er Dom, AamdiyePotol-er Dolma, PakaaAamdiyeKatla-r Dom, Aam o RoshundiyeBhetkiPaturi, KaanchaAamaarChingri-r Malaikari, Murghi-r AamPosto and AamdiyeMangshorJogurathKaliastarting from  Rs-195 to Rs-500 will be available from 24th June 2022 till 03rd July 2022.

Speaking on the occasion Mrs. MridulaMazumder, Owner, Babu Culture said,“Summer is all about celebrating flavors of the king of fruits and Pride Month is also celebrated every year in the month of June. Today we are announcing our mango festival in presence of such personalities from the LGBTQ community. We are honored to have them with us today and glad that we could celebrate the pride month at Babu Culture in their presence.”

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