A Live Nature Photography Contest in Kolkata

  • Merlin Group Embarks on Awareness Drive to sensitize Environmental conservation
  • Announces Merlin Green Frames – A Live Nature Photography Contest in Kolkata

• Sony India to support the initiative as Equipment Partner
• A unique Opportunity for budding lens men and Nature lovers in Kolkata to get recognized .
• This Drive would sensitize people about the need for protection of greenery and its flora and fauna .
• The contest will be held at the verdant expanse of Merlin Greens- Ibiza the Fern Resort & Spa , Kolkata and Aquaville.
• The serene area of Merlin Greens with natural lake is replete with lush greenery , a wide variety of exotic plant species and an abode of local and migratory birds.

Kolkata: In an effort to create an awareness about the harmonious co-existence of humans and nature, Merlin Group , a leading real estate conglomerate in India has embarked on an interesting initiative in the field of Nature Photography in Kolkata, Christened “Merlin Green Frames”, this initiative is a Live Nature Photography Contest in Kolkata . The initiative aims at harnessing the power of storytelling through photography to bring people closer to their natural environment and encourage them to work towards its conservation. Photographers will be delighted to capture a wide variety of flora and fauna at the verdant expanse of Merlin Greens that include Ibiza the Fern Resort & Spa and Aquaville on Diamond Harbour Road , near IIM Joka. Sony India has extended its support as the equipment partner.
At a formal function, Mr. Milan Kanti Mandal, Divisional Forest Officer, South 24 Parganas , Mrs Bonani Kakkar, Mr. Pradeep Kakkar, Environmentalists and environmental conservationist, Mr. Pranab Basu an award winning nature photographer, and Mr. Sushil Mohta, Chairman, Merlin Group unveiled the initiative symbolically. Mr. Badsha Moitra , a reputed actor and a passionate nature photographer also vouched for the cause with his message about the project. Mr. Pubarun Basu, a young prodigy in photography, a research scholar on ethnic groups of India and the Ganges was present at the launch. Pubarun Basu and Ms Bishakha Datta , will be the mentors and judges of the contest.

The initiative has been designed to enthuse denizens of the city of Joy to focus on nature and its breathtaking flora and fauna by way of clicking slices of lives in their natural surroundings. Photography is an integral part and tool of nature walk that would aid them in the process. Another purpose of organizing such initiative is to raise awareness about environment conservation, importance of the harmonious coexistence of humans and other flora and fauna in nature . The nature photography with myriad flora and fauna can be a movement to protect our mother earth and environment. It would also celebrate nature’s bounty in our surroundings and celebrate the creativity and talent of nature photographers in Kolkata.

Mr.Milan Kanti Mandal, Divisional Forest Officer, South 24 Pargana division said , “ The inititiave on awareness on nature conservation by Merlin is praiseworthy and I came to support the cause They have earlier also undertook a project on artificial nest for birds, they adhere to the mandatory 20% area of afforestation as per the requisite law in their projects .We would like other real estate players to come up with such environmental friendly initiatives”.

Mr. Sushil Mohta, Chairman, Merlin Group said , “In the present scenario, we are experiencing fast burn out through stress at workplace. Finding solace in virtual world and binge eating are becoming commonplace malpractices. I feel living amid nature and appreciating it has become crucial for a healthy living at this juncture. Sustainability and harmonious coexistence with nature have always been our focus at Merlin. We have earlier undertaken integrated waste management project and creating bird’s habitat through workshop as part of our CSR initiatives. Nature photography is a step ahead in this direction. Photography allows us to experience the world in its purest form. Hence we decided to take this initiative which can assume the form of an awareness campaign if truly supported by all sections of the society. Our initiative harps on this crucial need for harmonious coexistence of men with nature. We have carefully chosen as this area around Ibiza the fern resort and spa, Kolkata and Aquaville is replete in a wide range of exotic plants and trees and serene lake that attract several birds and migratory birds The contest is a great opportunity for photographers to showcase their skills and creativity, while portraying nature in an aesthetic way. I thank Mr, Milan Mandal , honourable Divsional forest officer,south 24 parganas and Mrs Banani Kakkar for providing their support which can assure the shape of an awareness campaign My sincere thanks to Mr. Pranab Basu, award winning photographer and actor Badsha Moitra who has supported the cause and vouched for our effort. I also thank Sony India to have come forward and support this initiative. We hope to make it an annual phenomenon.
“This is a novel idea from Merlin group and I appreciate them for undertaking it . I truly believe that this kind of initiative will make generation next more responsible about nature around us. It will help them understand better that world is not only for the humans . Every creature has the right to live harmoniously in its habitat.”, said actor Badsha Maitra, actor and passionate nature lover and photographer.
The contest will be held on 11th and 12th March at the verdant expanse of Merlin Greens- Aquaville and Ibiza the Fern Resort & Spa, Kolkata. Actor Badsha Moitra , a passionate photographer by choice , will grace the formal inauguration of the contest on March 11 ,2023 at Aquaville located adjacent to Merlin Ibiza the on Diamond Harbour Road.
In addition to the photography contest, Sony India will also conduct interactive workshops to help photographers learn new techniques and tips to improve their craft. The workshop will be anchored by the award winning photographer Mr Pubarun Basu who has professional Experience. He also works with national geographic. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from expert photographers from Sony and Pubarun Basu, ask questions, and improve their skills. The workshop is to be held on 11th and 12th March only.
The photography contest is open to all skill levels and genres of photography, with the holistic theme being Capturing the beauty of nature. There are 5 categories in this contest-

  1. Landscape: Co-existence of man and nature
  2. Macro: The minute beauty of nature
  3. Birds: Their habits and habitats
  4. Flora & Fauna
  5. Life in Action:
    Participants will need to capture and aesthetically depict the nature and lives in their pristine forms. Camouflage tents will be also there to aid photographers click birds and other species.
    Judges Pubarun Basu , an award winning photographer and and Bishakha Dutta will mentor the contestants and guide. They will evaluate and adjudge winners.
    The initiative will culminate in a gala award ceremony where eminent personalities from different fields will grace. The top 10 winners will receive cash award with green frames grand trophies, gratification from Ibiza the fern resort & spa and Princeton Club. Winners will be also awarded by Sony Corporation. The prizes will be presented at an exclusive award ceremony at a prestigious venue, where the winning photographs would also be exhibited in the presence of many eminent personalities.A coffee table book will be curated out of this which will include selected photographs and will be disseminated to people.

The last date for registering the participation is 9th March. Interested candidates have to click on the link : . Interested participants can register on our mail and cell no 8337044587 [email protected] Photography Workshops by experts from Sony India and Pubarun Basau will be held on 11th &12th march 2023 at Ibiza The Fern Resort & spa Kolkata.

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