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Anando Sangbad Live:As mid- September approaches and we keep getting one step closer to Durga Puja slowly and steadily, the air is filled with Coronavirus and despair in place of excitement and yet another year of frivolous enjoyment. Every new year the hope of us chanting “aashche bochhor abar hobe” the previous year was a symbol of looking forward to our 5 day celebration filled with joyrides, pandal hopping and buying bubbles and balloons from street vendors. But as we welcome October, the sheath of anticipation that covered Durga Puja has dissipated into dust. The welcoming sounds of making pandals and setting up billboards have morphed into our new normal, filled with safety precautions.
The year 2020 has been a year full of challenges never faced before. Mankind has been trapped indoors and all this has been for the sole sake of survival. The only question we have been asking ourselves for the past few months in this outburst of Coronavirus is if Durga Puja might be held or not. However, the fear looming over us has given way to new ideas, concepts and innovations to keep ourselves involved and engaged globally. Digital platforms have emerged as one of the biggest saviours with substantial increment in usage and engagements. The concept of 3D has been highly appreciated through the last couple of years but virtual reality, on the other hand, is gripping the digital space faster than ever.
Durga Puja is the most awaited and most celebrated festival of Bengal, where people visit in billions to witness the art and culture extempore but social and physical distancing has become a norm we must follow hence, leading to us staying in the safety of our homes. We end up on our couches, hunched back, trying to feel festive through TV coverages and Facebook live sessions that will be projected at their own speed, angle and pace leaving us to be mere spectators at a show.
As we delve deeper into our new normal, the ENVY Digital presents the initiative “Augmented Pujo” 2020. A 360° Virtual Reality Walk through one of the biggest festivals in the world, Durga Puja. It can be presented from the comfort of your own homes with your loved ones by your side, showcasing at your own speed, angle, convenient timing and pace. With the safety measures in the palm of your hands, the experience of the most grandeur festival will not be a futile feat. A gift that will go unnoticed to ones helpless like your parents or family members that are unsafe in these trying times.
“Durga Pujo in recent times is like a Art Museum.
Tradition and new age culture makes kolkata Durga Pujo look different. Throughout the year we all wait with baited breath to be a part of this mega carnival. But 2020 had something else planned for all of us.
Envy Digital has taken up a new challenge. Augmented 2020 is here to give the world a new way to witness Durga Puja in Kolkata. With this new normal we are all doubtful about pandal hopping, seeing the beautiful idols and the decoration.
But we all can be a part of the festival only through a click of the mouse. And that too sitting in your home. a 360° walk through virtual reality can fulfill our wishes of being a part of this mega festival from anywhere in the world. “Nilanjan Chakroborty, Director of Marketing, ENVY Digital.
The “Augmented Pujo” 2020 is a 360° virtual reality walkthrough of the top 50 Pujas of Kolkata including Kashi Bose Lane, Thakurpukur SB Park, Behala Notun Dol, Haridebpur Vivekananda Park Athletic Club, Santoshpur Lake Pally, etc., and 10 pujas from abroad including the U.K, the U.S.A, Australia, etc. A new approach that presents ‘Puja Porikroma’ like never before. A subscription with a very nominal fee of Rs. 499/- from PayTm Insider ( which can be shared amongst all family members to sit down and simply adore and enjoy. This project took off with the subscriptions on Mahalaya (17th September) onwards at your nearest smart device on Special engagements to also follow soon including digital talent hunts, making of Puja pandals and culminating with 360° VR Puja Parikrama. A solution that presents itself in times of masks, sanitizers, sweaty strangers and long queues, “Augmented Pujo” 2020.

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