Tips to Enjoy Monsoon feeling fresh and happy

Kolkata 03 September: Don’t we all want to smell divine at all times? Before heading out, slathering ourselves in perfume is very much a part of our daily routine. However, the dampness during monsoon brings out an odd musty smell, which can be hard to tackle. Fret not; Fiama gives you some easy tips to ensure you smell divine this monsoon.

1) Use the perfect shower gel: While many might argue that taking a shower is a no-brainer to leave you less sticky and smelling nice, using a shower gel with a lasting fragrance will work wonders. Fiama Scents Juniper and Geranium Body Wash is the perfect pick as it comes with 8-hour touch-activated fragrance encapsulation technology. When you feel the humidity getting to you, all you need to do is rub points of your skin to activate the aroma. 

2) Choose the Right Perfume Type: Choosing the right fragrance that suits your body is essential and not as easy as it may seem. It takes effort and a great sense of judgment. There are a plethora of perfumes and mists in the market, so when making a choice, make sure it matches well with your body’s natural odour and is pleasant to your nose. In monsoon, try opting for a perfume that is long-lasting. 

3) Application of fragrance: Both the kind of fragrance you use and how you apply it to your body matter. No matter how costly your perfume, cologne, or scented oil is, you won’t get the full effect if you don’t put it where it should be. Applying perfumes on pulse spots will cause them to automatically adjust their smell to your body chemistry. Therefore, the pleasant fragrance is naturally released when your body heats up. Your wrists, the area behind your knees, and the back of your ears are all good places to apply deodorant.

4) Pay Attention to your detergent’s fragrance: For most people, the detergent they use doesn’t matter, but the detergent you use for washing your clothes also determines how you smell. Most detergents and laundry soaps are heavy on aroma. You will have to find the one that smells good to you, even in damp weather. 

5) Watch What You Wear: Smelling good isn’t all about using the right deodorant or perfume. The texture of the clothing has a massive impact on how one smells. The outfit you choose to go out in determines how you smell throughout the day. During monsoons wearing clothes made of light fabrics and light colours can help reduce sweating as opposed to wearing polyester, thick and tight-fitting clothes. Always go for clothes that bring you the most comfort.

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