Mass Sensitisation on Hemophilia

✍️By Special Correspondent

Hemophilia is a genetic disease. It is actually an inherited bleeding disorder in which the blood does not clot properly. It may be life thretning in some cases if no treatment or precautions have not been done since This can lead to spontaneous bleeding as well as bleeding following injuries or surgery. .But people are not so aware to that disease. Hemophilia Society is an organization who work to aware and educate people to this blood disease. ‘Mass Sensitisation on Hemophilia’ is a mass awareness program with interaction of patients to aware people through Media.

 Mr. Prasanta Mal of Haemophilia Society Calcutta Chapter has said that Calcutta Chapter is the oldest and largest chapters among the 87 chapters of the country. At present about 1000 patients have been registered to Calcutta Chapter. He has said that after pandemic and lock down period, the activities of the Society has been regularised and in the last six months they have organised Continue Medical Education program to the various Hospitals in the different places of West Bengal, like  Diamond Harbour Medical College & Hospital, Imambara Hospital of Hoogly, Barasat district hospital and many others, to aware the general practiceneers on the latest information and treatment of this blood disease. Since Good quality medical care from doctors and nurses who know a lot about the disorder can help prevent some serious problems of Hemophilia patients admitted to the Hospitals even for any other diseases.

Dr. Tuphan kanti Dolai, renowned Hematologist of the country, has  informed that  Blood contains many proteins called clotting factors that can help to stop bleeding. Generally People with hemophilia have low levels of either factor VIII (8) or factor IX (9). The severity of hemophilia that a person has is determined by the amount of factor in the blood. The lower the amount of the factor, the more likely it is that bleeding will occur which can lead to serious health problems. Lack of factor VIII is the cause of classic Hemophilia or Hemophilia A. Maximum patients have been suffering from this. Deficiency of factor IX is the cause of Hemophilia B. Besides these there are some other types of hemophilia which are rare and rarely recognized.

The best way to treat Hemophilia is to replace the missing blood clotting factor so that the blood can clot properly. This is done by insfusing (administering through a vein) commercially prepared factor concentrates. The patients may lead natural life by taking these costly Medicine regularly on lifelong basis.

Mr. Subhasish Behra, coming from Hemophilia Federation India {HF(I)} has informed that HF(I ) is the one and unique National umbrella organization in India, who work since 1983 for welfare of hemophilia patients.

Mr. Sushil Kumar Todi , President of the Society welcome the patients, viewers and Media at the beginning of the program. Patients are interacted with the media and the program has been ended by vote of thanks of Totan  Biswas, the official of the Society.


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