18 তে 72 : A film by Jammy Banerjee

✍️By Special Correspondent

How do you connect 1972 to 2018?
The answer lies within the story. It all begins with strange happenings surrounding the life of Special Branch Crime Officer Adrish Bardhan. He starts to have recurring dreams where he is been taken to year 1972 with glimpses of bizzare events.
For Bengal 1972 is a vital year which is an onset for the infamous Naxalite Movement or Armed Student Rebellion. But what about this old historical incident that is chasing Adrish’s dreams on a constant basis? Is it his profession related traumma that is making him lose his mind? Or is there is a larger truth that is waiting behind the curtain for the moment of reveal? Find out in this awe inspiring goosebumps filled psychological mystery thriller by Jammy Banerjee.

It promises to give you a real worth of your time for sure. It’s an independent film and the film was shot in the real location.
One interesting thing about the movie is it’s locations.”We have searched and found out very symbolic and difficult to get locations to shoot the various scenes “says Jammy the lead actor and director !
Also this movie talks about new age business model where the people from service backgrounds are coming together and putting in their money to create fund for the movie “18 te 72”…This surely tells us that this is not only a rebellious script but truly out of the box minds are behind the creation of the movie!
The movie stars Jammy Banerjee,Kaustav Ghosh,Suma Dey,Gourab Chakroborty,Shamik Bose,Sourabh Bhattacharjee and many more.
The movie is releasing on 24th September’2021 at the theatres.

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