Kings Entertainment celebrated KingsMania Holi Utsav 2022

✍️By Special Correspondent
Holi is a celebration of colors, togetherness and happiness.Like every year, this year also Kings Entertainment celebrated KingsMania Holi Utsav 2022, with renowned tolly fraternities, the same way it took place from 2019 to till date.

Kings Entertainment is an iconic production house which has left his eminence in producing films like Jaanbaaj, Onnyo naa, Nayanchapar Dinraatri and Jijibishaa (Bengali) and Tezz Raftaar (Hindi) much accepted and appraised ones in Bengali film industry.

The event is held by MR. KINGSHUK GOON.As per MR. GOON, he was obsessed of throwing a Holi party, as Holi needs to be celebrated among near and dear ones with full power of energy, positivity and enthusiasm.

The event get vibrated by organic Abir, DJ, Baaul gaan, Live orchestra, food and Presence of many Tolly celebrities.

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